29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (2024)

Do you have a brunch planned but don't know what to prepare? Or do you want to change your recipe? Use these 29 savory brunch recipes for inspiration. Enjoy!

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29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (1)

1. Fresh and smoked salmon rillettes.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (2)

For a long time I only made this recipe with smoked salmon but I find it lighter and more refined with fresh salmon, so I am going to change my habits and use two salmon preparations...


2. Scottish Salmon Toast.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (3)

Here is a simple recipe but we didn't want to mask the subtle taste of the salmon, don't hesitate to try it for yourself.

source:the hands-on

3. Egg casserole with Roquefort and walnuts.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (4)

Thanks to the combined steam oven, there is no need to cook the eggs in a bain-marie, they will not dry out.


4. Savory éclair with smoked salmon.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (5)

I'm passing through here to publish this recipe for savory éclair with smoked salmon because I see it very well on the buffet next New Year's Eve. Rather than éclairs, if there are a lot of us, we can make cabbages!


5. Tuna rillettes with fresh cheese.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (6)

The best tuna rillettes, which will never be dethroned, are those of my uncle Jacky. I never managed to get the exact recipe but very recently my cousin told me about it 😉 All I have to do is try it.


6. Zucchini Pancakes.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (7)

Today, I gave free rein to my imagination to change the way I approached zucchini a little. A recipe took shape in my head, halfway between zucchini paillase and pancake…


7. Savory Tiramisu with Avocado and Smoked Salmon.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (8)

A creamy avocado cream, small cubes of smoked salmon, mini blinis and a garlic and fine herb cream with mascarpone, that’s what this verrine is made of.

source:the hands-on

8. Egg casserole with Ham and Mushroom.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (9)

A simple, delicious recipe, which I most often make in winter, which the children love and which we happily make all year round if we want a quick dinner.


9. Goat Cheese Cake.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (10)

Here is a simple cake recipe to make to suit your cheese cravings. Enjoy!


10. Norman Tartine with Apples and Camembert.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (11)

It's been a while since I offered you a quick and delicious recipe for weeknights! Well, I’m making up for it today with these toasts that smell like Normandy!


11. Roquefort Cake, Pears and Walnuts.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (12)

I really like cooking cakes in the summer because, to my taste, they lend themselves perfectly to the aperitif game. I realize that in winter, I very rarely make them, even though they can be very comforting in winter! They are also practical, because they freeze very well!


12. Chorizo ​​and Olive Biscuits.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (13)

Try this quick and easy recipe for chorizo ​​and olive biscuits! Forget purchased appetizer cakes, make your own, even at the last minute since the cooking time does not exceed 5 minutes.


13. Lardon and Comté bites.

There are more complicated dishes but in general, I simplify the preparations! I like healthy cooking, not too fatty, not too sweet. This recipe is not very complicated and the result is exquisite.

source:Donatian recipes

14. Perfect Scrambled Eggs.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (15)

This is the technique we use to make perfectly hom*ogeneous and ultra creamy scrambled eggs during our brunches with the girls. And since then, I only make them like that. It takes a little longer than usual but the result is more than stunning. Hard to believe ? You just have to try it to find out!


15. Avocado toast, soft-boiled egg, mint and coriander.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (16)

Sunday is sacred. Usually, I have brunch before starting work. I’m offering you a Mexican-inspired brunch recipe, I’m sure you’ll love it!


16. Scrambled Eggs with Salmon.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (17)

A very simple and quick recipe to make, but don't let this simplicity fool you, this recipe is delicious.


17. Baguette Garni

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (18)

For savory items: salmon & cucumber muffins, arugula salad with radishes, baguettes topped with eggs and ham (quicker to make than scrambled eggs and pancakes!).


18. Country Pie with Camembert.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (19)

Discover this country-style Camembert tart.


19. Croque-Monsieur Chevre Pesto.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (20)

For a change, we swap the gruyere, too classic, for goat's cheese, light and fresh. For a clever pesto goat cheese croque-monsieur, combine the cheese with pesto, spread on slices of sandwich bread, before letting it brown in a croque maker, in the oven or in a pan.


20. English Muffins.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (21)

English muffins are small round breads of English origin (hence the name). They are generally served for breakfast in a sweet or savory version. I prefer them in a salty version or simply with butter.


21. Eggs Benedict.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (22)

Want to try something new for your brunch? Try the eggs benedict. And if you already know this, tried this recipe, you will not be disappointed.


22. Spanish Tortilla in Omelette.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (23)

Here's an easy recipe to make a homemade Spanish tortilla baked with ham and jalapeño peppers. I love making Spanish tortillas


23. Babtouts with Minced Meat and Peppers.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (24)

One of you suggested that I stuff them with minced meat and peppers.
So I tried it and I loved it!
You can of course add whatever you like: ground meat, chicken or even vegetables…


24. Club Sandwich Roasted Chicken, Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (25)

I love its triangular shape, all these layers which offer a complete filling and plenty of mayonnaise.


25. Avocado toast, whipped cheese and soft-boiled egg.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (26)

With avocado to keep the creaminess and a soft-boiled egg for indulgence, this is a quick and easy recipe that was a big hit at my last brunch. To do again very quickly!


26. Mushroom Egg Shots.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (27)

Brunch is my hobby. Everything is an excuse to break eggs! Sautéed potatoes, with well-grilled bacon, shallots, parsley, grated Comté cheese, pieces of fresh mushrooms and broken eggs on top before going into the oven.


27. Scones with Roquefort, Ham and Chives.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (28)

Sunday. Brunch. It is sacred. And I'm a salty tooth.
I've always had a weakness for scones. I wanted to replace part of the butter with Roquefort, add a little white ham and chives.

source: foodforlove

28. Egg Casserole with Smoked Salmon and Dill.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (29)

Served for brunch or as a festive starter, these little creamy eggs with smoked salmon have it all!


29. Savory yogurt cake with bacon and feta.

29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (30)

When I saw this recipe from Philo on Facebook, it spoke to me straight away.
It indicated a recipe for 6 small cakes so I immediately doubled the proportions. To finish, I filled my mold with 12 mini cakes as well as two small cake molds (the ones from Gault & Fremont that I love).


29 Recipes for a Savory Brunch (2024)


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