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There are quite a few uncertainties about the core tasks of a community manager. More and more companies are developing online communities. What is the role of the community manager in this?

About 6 years ago I already saw it coming: the importance of community management. I just didn't know that was what it was called at the time. Until I came across an article from 2010 in which Jeremiah Owyang (Web Strategist, Tokyo) called the 'beast' by its name. He even created a Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), olé! [BRON]

But before I take you into the ups and downs of the community manager, I think, I think, to explain the word "community".

"Aonline communityis a digital platform in which like-minded people come together in a (closed) group. Within this group, people can communicate with each other, share information and help each other to contribute to the sustainable development of the community.” [BRON]

In the meantime, the importance of online communities of employees or (potential) customer steps is becoming larger, and therefore the Community Manager indispensable. This will be given a greater responsibility for binding to the organization of groups of stakeholders, in a way that is valuable for both parties. Making a success of this is really a profession in itself.Read on…

What core tasks does a community manager have?

It is simultaneously a versatile and specialist position. Versatile, because the activities of a community manager can be very broad. Connecting people and departments, from management to employees, is a task of everyday life. But the Community Manager must also have specific knowledge of technology (social media) and marketing (tone-of-voice, personas, customer journey), without losing sight of the strategy.

The 5 core tasks of a community manager are:

  1. Analyze & Advise
  2. Moderation & Communication
  3. Organization & Education
  4. Content creation
  5. Activation

Analyze & Advise

Getting a community active only works if the foundation is good: a clear goal, knowing who the target groups are and a smartly thought-out concept of what the community entails. You must continuously analyze whether the concept you came up with still meets the needs of the target group. Reports contain 'stats & facts’about: top-rated content, most frequently asked questions, sentiment of comments, visitor numbers, etc.

After completing the analysis, it is up to the Community Manager to advise (internally) on the deployment and impact of social media use. This can be strategic advice, about general developments. But also an advice in the field of communication: how do you, as an organization, will discuss the conversation, you best dispose of certain complaints and questions online. With the umbrella goal to be able to report on objectives achieved and to sharpen the content strategy or not.

Moderation & Communication

There is no doubt that social media must be moderated.5 core tasks of a community manager - Language Girl Copywriter (1)That is not always a task for the community manager, especially if it is a large organization. The community manager can also supervise an editorial team. But the community manager is responsible for outgoing communication and tools such as FAQ documents andguidelines.

In addition, good coordination with marketing and communication is important, especially when there is a larger organization with different social media platforms. After all, there is an overlap between community management and market positioning.

Organization & Education

As you may have noticed, the community manager is a project manager par excellence. Employees and departments have to be brought together, content has to be collected, sometimes even the implementation of the community software is left to the manager. There are many important sub-projects that require someone with overview and expertise.

Internal processes can also play an important role for community management. Just read where I amUberinShellran into. As a true evangelist, a community manager has to promote the community, including all the opportunities that come with it. Such as: organizing (offline) events or giving presentations / workshops to support colleagues in the daily use of social media.

Content creation

Everything revolves around (coordinating) content. In addition to moderation, content creation is one of the most important parts of successful community management. Blog posts, advertisements, news and discussions on themes, meetings in all forms, competitions, interviews, videos, etc. Everything can be used to activate a community. You can no longer leave something like that to chance.

5 core tasks of a community manager - Language Girl Copywriter (2)5 core tasks of a community manager - Language Girl Copywriter (3)

For large communities, content and moderation plans are ideally used, including onecontent calendar. Although, as mentioned, the content does not always have to be produced solely by the community manager, he/she is the one who sets up, completes and manages such a plan. A moderation plan describes how the atmosphere and culture within the community should be shaped. BeeHello Topwe called this:Brand guide.


The real 'activation' (involving members so that they actively participate in the community) based on content is best entrusted to a moderator. Monitoring the house rules can also be done well by the moderator. This worked very well for my clientEssence Trainings,Where the Info Team was responsible for this. But it is usually the community manager who determines whether the house rules are still appropriate and satisfy.

Finally, a large company can easily be made responsible for several people for the success of the community. The Community Manager then gets a more coordinating role, with consultancy and management tasks. Other tasks, such as creating content and bringing the community to the attention, can be deposited with a broad group of people within the organization. In fact, the broad involvement and shared responsibility is an essential factor for the success of the community. [BRON]

My duties as a community managerHello Topwere (in summary):

Daily: keeping the national Content Calendar up to date, escalating customer service issues, moderating social media (creating and sharing Instagram stories, responding to comments and DMs, etc.), writing or translatingcaptions,and I made it at the end of the dayscreen grabsof notable matters for the weekly or monthly reporting. Weekly: update statistics and other matters (complaints, cooperation proposals, etc.), create overviews for reports* andresponse sheetsto update. Every month we basically had a creative letter, monthly letter and monthly report*

One of the nicest jobs I still think measuring and feeding back the practices and lessons. Using specific tools, I certainly drew a whole day out on a monthly basisreach, engagementinsentimentto measure. In the case of Halo Top I did this in preparation for theStatus call(standard on Tuesday, about the previous week) and theMonthly reporting(first Monday of the month).

From these feedback moments with the customer in America, conclusions came, which we then took in a decreative letter. This is an interactive session with people from different disciplines, in which we are based oncontent pillarsand other key points (holidays/events/product releases, etc.) provided input for the content of the following month.

All in all, being a community manager is quite a challenge. But also a wonderful function for those who find it a nice challenge to combine strategy, marketing and communication!

Do you like to respond? Or do you have a question?You know where to find me!

Sure, I've got some insights for you. Community management is a multifaceted role that involves various key tasks, as highlighted in the article you provided. Here's a breakdown of the concepts mentioned and their core aspects:

  1. Community Manager's Role: A community manager is responsible for nurturing and fostering online communities, bringing together like-minded individuals to share information, communicate, and contribute to the development of a sustainable community.

  2. Evolution and Importance of Online Communities: Over the years, the significance of online communities among employees or potential customers has grown, making the role of a community manager indispensable for binding stakeholders to the organization.

  3. Core Responsibilities of a Community Manager:

    • Analyzing & Advising: Involves creating a clear purpose for the community, identifying target audiences, and continuously analyzing whether the community meets their needs. It also includes providing strategic advice and recommendations on social media use and communication.

    • Moderation & Communication: Managing outgoing communication, moderating discussions, overseeing FAQs and guidelines, and aligning with marketing and communication strategies.

    • Organization & Education: Acting as a project manager to bring together various departments, overseeing content collection, and sometimes managing the implementation of community software. Educating and evangelizing the community internally.

    • Content Creation: Coordinating content creation, including blog posts, ads, news, discussions, events, and maintaining a content calendar and moderation plan.

    • Activation: Involves engaging community members through content and ensuring adherence to community guidelines.

  4. Personal Experience: In your case, working as a community manager at Halo Top, your responsibilities included daily tasks like updating content calendars, moderating social media, and compiling reports. Weekly and monthly tasks involved statistics updates, report generation, and evaluating best practices using specific tools.

  5. Challenges and Rewards of Community Management: The role of a community manager is challenging yet rewarding, combining elements of strategy, marketing, and communication.

If you have any specific questions about community management or want to discuss any aspect in more detail, feel free to ask!

5 core tasks of a community manager - Language Girl Copywriter (2024)


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