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Panna cotta is a delicious silky Italian dessert. Literally translated it means boiled cream and I love this tasty and easy Italian dessert! This is my basic recipe for panna cotta, to which you can add or serve anything. For example, panna cotta is very tasty withStrawberry sauce,frambozensausofCaramel sauce. But even without additives or with just some fresh fruit, this panna cotta dessert is irresistibly delicious!

With this recipe you can make 4-6 panna cotta molds or glasses.

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More panna cotta recipes

You can vary endlessly with this basic panna cotta recipe. Some variations I have made on that basic recipe include thesepanna cotta with white chocolate, thispanna cotta met yoghurtand this onepanna cotta with coconut milk. Want even more inspiration? Also check out my overview article in which Ithe tastiest panna cotta recipesline up.

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How do you get the perfect panna cotta?

The art of making a good panna cotta? That is to use just enough gelatin to keep the pudding from collapsing, but certainly not too much. The pudding may wobble nicely after pouring.

I like to use metal molds to let the panna cotta set, because they conduct the heat of the water well when pouring it. This means you only have to dip the mold in hot water for a few seconds before you can pour the panna cotta. Do you find depositing too much of a hassle? Then you can also make this dessert in glasses and serve them.

Panna cotta does not set well

To prevent your panna cotta from setting properly, it is important to process the gelatin properly. Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water long enough before adding them to the rest of the mixture. Let them soak for at least 10 minutes in advance, longer is also allowed. Not shorter!

In addition, make sure that the gelatin leaves do not stick together during soaking. Squeeze the gelatin slightly when you remove it from the water and dissolve it in the warm cream mixture. You will see that the gelatin leaves melt away immediately. Stir the mixture well so that the gelatin is evenly distributed.

Tip: start all preparations in time, so that the panna cotta can set properly in the refrigerator.

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List of ingredients

  • For the panna cotta
  • 3.5 gelatin leaves (6 grams)
  • 500 ml whipped cream
  • 60 grams of sugar
  • ½ vanilla pod

Make your own panna cotta – Recipe

Soak the gelatin leaves (at least 10 minutes in advance) in cold water. Cut open the vanilla pod and scrape out the marrow. Place the marrow and stem together with the whipped cream and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Remove the whipped cream from the heat when it boils and dissolve the soaked gelatin in it. Pour the cream mixture into 4 to 6 ramekins or glasses and let them set in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Serve panna cotta

The panna cotta in the glasses can be served straight away, the panna cotta in the molds still needs to be poured. To do this, immerse the molds in a bowl of hot water for a few seconds (be careful that no water gets into the panna cotta) and then remove them again. Loosen the top all around with a sharp knife and then transfer the dessert to a plate.

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Comments (15)

Susan2017-05-24 12:09:04

Dear Rutger,

Could I also make this recipe with powdered agar-agar instead of gelatin? If so, how much of this should I use?

Thank you in advance!

To answer

They are

Hans2018-01-09 20:07:16

Hoi Susan,

It can indeed also be done with agar agar.

I only tried 100 ml on 5 grams but that was on the stiff side.
next time I'll try 100 out of 4


To answer


of chef2018-01-10 12:36:50

I am a chef agar agar is 9 grams per liter for soft structure 10 grams per gel 11 grams very firm so 5g per 100 = overkill for 100 I would use a maximum of 2 grams

To answer


Rutger2018-01-15 00:19:05

Thank you for your advice! Good to know the guidelines! I'm going to try it out myself!

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (8)

Rutger2017-05-26 10:52:15

It is possible, but I don't know the exact ratio because I don't have enough experience with agar-agar. What I do know is that agar-agar loses its firmness over time, so you cannot make the panna cotta very far in advance.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (9)

Margriet2017-05-24 13:07:28

Rutger, how do I ensure that the vanilla remains well mixed? I recently had a bottom with black specks.

To answer


Rutger2017-05-26 10:50:42

That happens very quickly indeed. To prevent this, let the cream mixture cool at room temperature until it almost sets. Stir regularly in between and only pour into the molds at the end. That is a bit more laborious.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (10)

Margriet2017-05-26 11:51:52

Okay, so a little more patience??

To answer


Deco*ck Monique2017-05-25 07:45:13

That's a good comment from Margriet, indeed the seeds are always at the bottom, despite the fact that the equipment is divided into pots while stirring??
Maybe you know what to do, I think it has to do with the heaviness?

To answer


Jolanda Jansen2017-08-27 19:33:09

Is it possible to add orange juice to the basic panna cotta? I still have quite a few oranges lying around

To answer


Rutger2017-09-10 15:40:40

You can replace part of the cream with orange juice, but if you add it the ratio will no longer be correct. Infusing a little orange zest into the warm cream is also very tasty!

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (11)

Renate2017-12-17 14:00:05

Hi Rutger, can you also freeze these?

To answer


Rutger2017-12-18 00:52:56

Hi! I think it's possible, but I've never actually tried it. You can also make them up to two days in advance and simply store them in the refrigerator until ready to use.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (12)

Renate2017-12-18 07:40:00

Then I'm going to try it?

To answer


Ingrid2020-02-27 20:05:03

I think it is more convenient to only pour the panna cotta into the molds once it has cooled down. Otherwise the vanilla will sink to the bottom.

To answer


Rutger2020-03-03 10:45:12

You can indeed let the mixture cool slightly until it becomes lumpy. Then there is less chance of the vanilla sinking down. Make sure you don't let the mixture cool too much before pouring it into the molds.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (13)

Natasha2020-04-04 09:31:29

Hi Rutger,

Can you also make panacotta in a large pudding mold?

Greetings Natasha

To answer


Rutger2020-04-14 10:00:38

Of course.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (14)

into your hand2020-10-06 10:00:20

Is there also a recipe for vanilla caramel panna cotta?

To answer


Rutger2020-10-13 08:39:35

Yes! You can find them here:

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (15)

Richard Sperling2021-04-05 16:57:16

Dear Rutger, yesterday I made "your" panna cotta again with the delicious raspberry sauce. This is truly the best recipe ever. Thanks for that.

Richard Sperling

To answer


Rutger2021-04-12 11:07:17

Very nice to hear! Enjoy it!

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (16)

Ingrid2021-06-25 11:37:23

They are in the fridge so just wait and see, I didn't know it was that easy. Thank you

To answer


Berry2021-07-24 18:20:28

Do you also have a panna cotta recipe without gelatine. With agar agar?

To answer


Rutger2021-07-28 08:56:58


To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (17)

Bram2021-12-25 11:25:08

I enjoy doing it with my mother and it is really SUPER tasty, so that's why I say this is highly recommended.

To answer


Evelyne2021-12-26 10:45:20

I wonder if it would also work to demould these nicely if I make them in my silikomart (cuoricino) mold?

To answer


Rutger2021-12-27 13:59:46

It's a little more difficult, but I think it can be done. I would try it out first though.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (18)

Straight up2022-05-03 23:26:42

Can one use vanilla sugar instead of vanilla pod?

To answer


Rutger2022-05-08 19:45:42

That's fine. Then use a little less regular sugar.

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (19)

Ingeborg2022-08-25 19:01:10

Super tasty and easy to make.

To answer


Janneke2022-11-06 20:37:17

Hi Rutger, which shape did you use for this?

To answer


Rutger2022-11-19 09:24:26

Usually these types of shapes:

To answer

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (20)

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Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (21)

Making panna cotta - Recipe & tips | Rutgerbakt (2024)


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