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Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche 918 Spyder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (1)
Manufacturer Porsche AG
ProductionSeptember 2013–June 2015
918 units
Modelyears 2013–2015 [1]
Designer Michael Wall, Hakan Saracoglu [2]
Body and chassis
Class Sports car(S)
  • 2-doorTarga top roadster(Spyder)
  • 2-doorcoupé(RSR)
Layout Mid-engine, all-wheel-drive
Doors Conventional(918 Spyder)
Butterfly(918 RSR concept)
Engine 4.6L (4,593cc)Porsche M18.00 V8
Electricmotor 2electric motorson front andrear axle
Poweroutput652kW (887PS; 875hp)
Transmission 7-speedPDK dual-clutch
Hybrid drivetrain PHEV
Battery 6.8kWh liquid-cooledlithium-ion battery
Range680km (420mi) (EPA) [3]
Electricrange 19km (12e) (EPA) [3]
Wheelbase 2,730mm (107.5in)
Length4,643mm (182.8in)
Width1,940mm (76.4in)
Height1,167mm (45.9in)
Curbweight 1,634–1,720kg (3,602–3,791lb) [4]
Predecessor Porsche Carrera GT [5]
Successor Porsche Mission X

ThePorsche 918 Spyderis asports carmanufactured by German marquePorsche. [6] The 918 Spyder is aplug-in hybridpowered by amid-mountednaturally aspirated 4.6L (4,593cc) V8 engine, developing447kW (608PS; 599hp)at 8,700RPM, with twoelectric motorsdelivering an additional210kW (286PS; 282hp)for a combined output of652kW (875hp)and1,280N⋅m (944lbf⋅ft)of torque. [7] [8] The 918 Spyder's 6.8kWhlithium-ion batterypack delivers an all-electric range of19km (12mi)under theUS Environmental Protection Agency's five-cycle tests. [3]


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Production began on 18 September 2013, with deliveries initially scheduled to begin in December 2013, and a starting price of ≈€781,000 (US$845,000 or £711,000). [9] [10] [11] The 918 Spyder was sold out in December 2014 and production ended in June 2015. [12]

The 918 Spyder was first shown as a concept at the80th Geneva Motor Showin March 2010. [9] On 28 July 2010, after 2,000 declarations of interest, thesupervisory boardof Porsche AG approved series development of the 918 Spyder. [13] The production version was unveiled at theSeptember 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. [14] Porsche also unveiled the RSR racing variant of the 918 at the2011 North American International Auto Show, which combines hybrid technology first used in the997 GT3 R Hybrid, with styling from the 918 Spyder. [15] However, the 918 RSR did not make it to production. The 918 Spyder was the secondplug-in hybridcar manufactured by Porsche, after the 2014Panamera S E-Hybrid. [16]


Porsche 918 Spyder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (2)
Porsche 918 Spyder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (3)

The 918 Spyder is powered by a4,593cc (4.6L; 280.3cuin)naturally aspirated V8 engine built on the same architecture as the one used in theRS Spyder Le Mans Prototyperacing car without any engine belts.

The engine weighs135kg (298lb)according to Porsche and delivers447kW (608PS; 599hp)at 8,700RPM and540N⋅m (398lbf⋅ft)of maximum torque at 6,700RPM. [8] This is supplemented by two electric motors delivering an additional210kW (286PS; 282hp). One115kW (156PS; 154hp)electric motor drives the rear wheels in parallel with the engine and also serves as the main generator. This motor and engine deliver power to the rear axle via a 7-speed gearbox coupled to Porsche's ownPDK double-clutch system. The front95kW (129PS; 127hp)electric motor directly drives the front axle; an electric clutch decouples the motor when not in use. The total system delivers652kW (887PS; 875hp)and1,280N⋅m (944lbf⋅ft)of torque. [8] Porsche provided official performance figures of0–100km/h (0–62mph)in 2.6 seconds,0–200km/h (0–124mph)in 7.2 seconds,0–300km/h (0–186mph)in 19.9 seconds and a top speed of345km/h (214mph). [7] [11] [17] [18]

Those numbers were surpassed in independent tests which yielded 2.5 seconds for 0100 km/h, 7.0 seconds for 0200 km/h, 19.1 seconds for 0300 km/h, a top speed of352km/h (218.7mph)and 17.75 seconds for the standing kilometre reaching a speed of295.9km/h (183.9mph). [19] [20] [21] [22]

InCar and Driver's independent test of the Porsche 918 they achieved0–60mph (0–97km/h)in 2.2 seconds, [lower-roman 1] 0–100mph (0–161km/h)in 4.9 seconds,0–180mph (0–290km/h)in 17.5 seconds, and the quarter mile in 9.8 seconds. [lower-roman 2] [25] [26] In Motor Trend 's independent test the Porsche 918 set a production-car track record at Willow Springs Raceway. With a time of 2.4 seconds, it was the fastest car to 60 mph that they had ever tested. It stopped from60mph (97km/h)in94ft (29m), and broke Motor Trend's figure 8 record at 22.2 seconds. [4]

The energy storage system is a 312-cell, liquid-cooled 6.8kWhlithium-ion batterypositioned behind the passenger cell. In addition to a plug-in charge port at the passenger-side B pillar, the batteries are also charged byregenerative brakingand by excess output from the engine when the car is coasting.CO2emissions are 79g/km and fuel consumption is3L/100km (94mpgimp; 78mpgUS)under theNew European Driving Cycle(NEDC). [16] [27] TheU.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) under its five-cycle tests rated the 2015 model year Porsche 918 Spyder energy consumption in all-electric mode at 50kWh per 100 miles, which translates into a combined city/highway fuel economy of3.5L/100km (81mpgimp; 67mpgUS). When powered only by the gasoline engine, EPA's official combined city/highway fuel economy is22mpgUS(11L/100km; 26mpgimp). [3]

The 4.6 litre V8 petrol engine can recharge an empty battery on about two litres of fuel. [28] The supplied Porsche Universal Charger requires seven hours to charge the battery on a typical 120V household AC socket or two hours on a 240V charger. A DC charging station can restore the battery to full capacity in 25 minutes. [29]

The 918 Spyder offers five different running modes: E-Drive allows the car to run under battery power alone, using the rear electric motor and front motor, giving a range of29 kilometres (18mi)for the concept model. [29] The official U.S. EPA all-electric range is12mi (19km). The total range with a full tank of gasoline and a fully charged battery is420 miles (680km)according to EPA tests. [3] Under the E-Drive mode the car can attain a maximum speed of150km/h (93mph). [9] Two hybrid modes (Hybrid, and Race) use both the engine and electric motors to provide the desired levels of economy and performance. In Race mode a push-to-pass button initiates the Hot Lap setting, which delivers additional electrical power. [30] The chassis is acarbon-fibre-reinforced plastic monocoqueand the brake system is boosted electrically (rather than the traditional vacuum boost). [31]

Sales and production

The production version was unveiled at the2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. [14] The 918 Spyder was produced in a limited series and it was developed inWeissachand assembled inZuffenhausenfor the 2014 model year. Production for the 2014 model year started on 18 September 2013,with deliveries scheduled to begin in December 2013. [9] [10] Sales in the United States began in June 2014. [32] Pricing for the 918 Spyder started at€781,000in Europe andUS$845,000in the U.S. [11] According to its battery size, the 918 Spyder was eligible to afederal tax creditof up toUS$3,667. [33]

Production ended in June 2015 as scheduled. [12]

The country with the most orders is the United States with 297 units, followed by China and Germany with approximately 100 orders each, and Canada ordering 35 units. [34]

According toJATO Dynamics, a total of 105 units have been registered worldwide during the first nine months of 2014. [35] The United States is the leading market with 202 units delivered up to May 2015. [36] As of October2014, a total of 9 units were registered in Switzerland, 6 in the Netherlands, 5 units in Canada, 4 in Sweden, 3 in Brazil and 1 in South Africa. [37] [38] [36] [39]

Weissach package

Porsche 918 Spyder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (4)

The Weissach Package is a weight saving and aerodynamics package offered by Porsche for the 918 Spyder. It was an $84,000 factory option in the US. The package includedmagnesium wheelsspecially manufactured byBBS, an extended rear diffuser, and interior parts covered inAlcantarainstead of leather. The windscreen frame, roof, rear wings, and rear-view mirrors were also made out of carbon fiber. [40]

Porsche 918 RSR

Porsche 918 Spyder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (5)

At the2011 North American International Auto Showin Detroit, Porsche unveiled the RSR racing variant of the 918 Spyder. Instead of using plug-in hybrid technology, power for the two electric motors is provided by a flywheel accumulatorKERSsystem that sits beside the driver in the passenger compartment. The V8 is a further development of the direct injection engine from the RS Spyder race car developing414kW (563PS; 555hp)at 10,300RPM. The electric motors each provide an additional150kW (200PS; 200hp), giving a peak power output of564kW (767PS; 756hp). The six-speed gearbox is a development of the unit from the RS Spyder. [41]

Nürburgring lap time record

In September 2013 a 918 fitted with the optional 'Weissach Package' set aNürburgringlap time of 6:57 on the20.6km (12.8mi) road course, reducing the previous record by 14 seconds, and making it the first street-legal production car to break the 7-minute barrier. [32] [42]


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  1. 2.1 seconds with 1-foot rollout [23]
  2. 9.7 seconds with 1-foot rollout [24]

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Porsche 918 Spyder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (2024)


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