Porsche's revolutionary plans. There will be great changes in the range. Information from high-ranking managers (2024)

The Porsche Taycan and Panamera are close. So close that, in fact, one should leave the range. After all, the Porsche Panamera is only less than 9 cm longer, 2.9 cm narrower and 4.4 cm higher than the Taycan (data for the base versions). The situation is saved by the drive: the Panamera is available in combustion and hybrid versions, the Taycan is an electric car. Thanks to this, both models complement each other perfectly. But when the Panamera is forced to switch to electromobility, will the Taycan remain viable? Or maybe one of them will have to change radically to survive? I know the answer to this question.

The information in this text comes from several high-ranking managers at Porsche's headquarters in Zuffenhausen. Unofficial conversations reveal a shocking picture of the revolution that will sweep across the entire spectrum in the coming years. And no, it's not just about the hybrid drive in one of the versions of the Porsche 911.

The revolution at Porsche: SUVs

The first step has already been taken. The new generation of the Porsche Macan is an electric car. Although for some time the previous combustion version will be offered in parallel with the new one, but not in Europe. People from Porsche have no worries that such a change may weaken the market potential of this model on the Old Continent.

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Unlike the Cayenne, the Porsche Macan II will not have a separate Coupe version because its body line is sporty enough.

Porsche's revolutionary plans. There will be great changes in the range. Information from high-ranking managers (1)

Photo: Porsche

Porsche Macan (second generation; from 2024)

Porsche Macan II is the first model in the entire VW group based on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform, which Porsche developed together with Audi. The fourth generation of Porsche Cayenne, which will appear in 2025 and will also be equipped with an electric drive, will also benefit from PPE. The manufacturer will apply the same strategy again and intends to produce the current Cayenne (combustion and hybrid) simultaneously with the new (electric) for several years. Therefore, if all goes well, instead of two SUV models, Porsche will produce as many as four. Oh no, sorry, five.

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The fifth SUV will be a model that will be placed above the Porsche Cayenne. The largest SUV is to be electric, it will appear in 2027 at the earliest and will get something even newer from Premium Platform Electric: Scalable Systems Platform. Ultimately, the entire Volkswagen Group range will be based on several variants of this architecture - including the successors of the Porsche Taycan and Panamera. Successors? Will both models have successors?

The Porsche revolution: Taycan and Panamera

The fact that the Porsche Taycan has just undergone a thorough modernization does not mean that it will stay with us forever. This is a sign that the production cycle of the current generation is coming to an end and it still has three or four years left. And what later?

Porsche's revolutionary plans. There will be great changes in the range. Information from high-ranking managers (2)

Photo: Porsche

Porsche Taycan (first generation, facelift version from 2024)

Next will be the Porsche Taycan II and Porsche Panamera III. Both based on the same Scalable Systems Platform architecture, both with similar dimensions. So where's the point?

Well, the Porsche Panamera III will have a much more luxurious character, and the Taycan II will have a more sporty face. At the same time, the current Porsche Panamera II (combustion and hybrid versions in the range) will be offered simultaneously with an electric one for a few years. That's why the car has recently undergone such a thorough modernization. Thanks to it, the production cycle can be extended.

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What about the rest of the range? Will there still be room for classic coupes and convertibles?

Revolution at Porsche: 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman and the successor to the 918 Spyder

A greater modernization of the Porsche 911 can be expected in 2024, the key point of which will be the addition of a hybrid version to the range. In 2025, we will get to know the new generations of the Porsche 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman. The future "718" will be equipped with an electric drive.

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Another Porsche hypercar is also to be electric, i.e. the successor to the hybrid 918 Spyder (2013-2015). The stylistic trailer for the new car is the Porsche Mission X study. The production car is expected before the end of this decade.

Porsche's revolutionary plans. There will be great changes in the range. Information from high-ranking managers (3)

Photo: Porsche

Porsche Mission X

It is not known whether the technology of traction batteries with solid electrolyte will be advanced enough to be included in a new model, but my interlocutors assured me that even if this does not happen, the lightest available solution will still be in the Porsche hypercar. .

In general, the traction battery will be a big challenge for the designers of the new hypercar, because aerodynamic downforce reduces the range. Therefore, the top Porsche will feature plenty of active aero solutions.

What about the Porsche 911? When will he become an electrician? Porsche loves to say that this legend will be the last to switch to electromobility. Also in this case, the greatest difficulty will be the traction battery: in a small coupe with two rows of seats, there will be very little space for it.

And if the Porsche 911 will one day be equipped with an electric drive, maybe it will finally have a grill?

The revolution at Porsche: design

No, there will be no barbecue. Not in the 911, nor in any other Porsche. Cars of this brand do not need it at all, because they play primarily with the shape of the fenders and headlights. And these are about to change radically. According to my interlocutors, Porsche design needs a big step forward.

The new Porsche Macan already has two-level front lights, unusual for the brand - to make this SUV stand out even more from the larger Cayenne. However, this is only a tentative prelude, because subsequent models may feature... vertical headlights, inspired by the Porsche Mission X study.

This revolution will probably not reach the Porsche 911. It will still have an electric drive, but will there be no round headlights?

Porsche's revolutionary plans. There will be great changes in the range. Information from high-ranking managers (2024)


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