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The 7 core tasks of an effective community manager - Frankwatching (2)

Web strategistJeremiah Owyangsaw it coming for a while: the importance of community management and finding the right people for these types of positions. In 2010 he started a real oneCommunity Manager Appreciation Day, every year on the 4th Monday of January, to highlight this new position; so today! In this article; what exactly does such a person do?

What tasks does a community manager have?

There are still many uncertainties surrounding the community manager. More and more companies are working on online communities, but what exactly that function entails is not always clear. What skills, competencies, knowledge and experience should you as an organization look for in such a person?

The question of what someone should be able to do is not very easy to answer, because 'community management' means very different things. The range of tasks of a community manager is sometimes very broad (even if in practice only a part of that package is actually carried out). For example, a community manager of a large company will spend a large part of the time connecting departments and involving management and employees.

While a community manager of a small company is often very hands-on and easier to maintain direct contact with employees of the organization. The community manager responsible for a LinkedIn group spends almost no time setting up the technology. But if a company chooses to work with a tailor-made platform, this will take a lot of time.

Professional profile for community managers

Because the range of duties of community managers is so broad, we work at thetrade association Community Management Netherlandshard on a professional profile. In that profile we focus on tasks and much less on functions. In this way, multiple people within the organization can be made responsible for the success of the community. In this profile, the community manager takes on a more coordinating role, with many advisory and management tasks. Other tasks, such as creating content and bringing attention to the community, can be assigned to a broader group of people within the organization. In fact, that broad involvement and shared responsibility is essential for the success of the online community.

However, there are also tasks that should always fall to the community manager. The importance of online communities of employees or (potential) customers for the longer term is increasing. They are increasingly seen as responsible for binding those groups of stakeholders to the organization in a way that is valuable for both parties. Making that a success is truly a profession in itself. It therefore pays to invest in recruiting the right candidate.

Based on the professional profile (which will be published soon), I describe below 7 essential core tasks as part of good community management.

1. Analysis: concept, positioning and target group

The community manager is responsible for the concept and positioning of the online community. Getting a community truly active only works if the foundation is good: a clear goal, knowing who the target group is and a smart and well-thought-out concept of what the specific community entails. Analyzing this is a continuous process. If a company chooses its own platform, there is an additional responsibility (and an analytical role): the activities on the 'outposts' of the community, the channels outside its own platform. For example, consider integrating Twitter, LinkedIn groups or Facebook pages with your own online community platform.

2. Advice: internal advisor role

The 7 core tasks of an effective community manager - Frankwatching (3)

Online communities form on social media. One of the tasks that you see recurring among community managers is that of internal advice on the use of social media and the impact of social media on the organization. This could be anything. For example, strategic advice on general developments in the field of social media and how the organization can respond to these. Or advice in the field of communication: how do you, as an organization, talk to community members and how do you best handle certain complaints and questions online.

In addition, there are all kinds of internal processes surrounding the community, in which the community manager has an advisory role. Which department answers questions from the community, within what period are questions answered, who writes for the community, etc. One of the tasks that we also include in this is giving presentations and workshops to support colleagues in daily use. of social media.

3. Creation: everything revolves around (coordinating) content

One of the most important parts of successful community management is content and moderation. Blog posts, live chats, news, advice, discussions around themes, meetings in all kinds of forms, competitions, assignments, interviews, videos and the like: anything can be used to actively involve a community.
It's best not to leave something like that to chance.

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For large communities, content and moderation plans should ideally be used, including a content calendar. Although, as mentioned, the content does not always have to be produced alone by the community manager, he/she is the one who sets up, completes and manages such a plan and calendar with community members and employees from different departments. Also the moderation plan, which describes how the atmosphere and culture within the community should be shaped and what is required for this is the responsibility of the community manager.

4. Organization: project-based jack-of-all-trades

The community manager is a project manager par excellence. Bringing employees and departments together is a large part of the job description. Organizing editorial consultations to collect content that is as relevant and unique as possible, the implementation of community software in coordination with the IT department, etc. There are many sub-projects that are important for the total and that require someone with an overview and knowledge of the matter. .

A community manager will often also organize (offline) events for the community itself. Meetings such as knowledge sessions, network meetings and sounding board groups, meetings to jointly tighten the community house rules. Typically meetings that require a lot of effort and that must be well prepared and organized.

5. Guidance: editorial staff and moderators

Moderating the content in the community does not always have to be the task of the community manager. An active, large community requires continuous monitoring of what content is posted and whether it complies with the house rules. That is difficult if you are away from your place a lot or are in meetings. Such a task is often best left to colleagues from the editorial staff. They often fill the role of moderator well.

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The real 'activation' (involving members so that they actively participate in the community) based on content is better left to a moderator. However, the community manager remains responsible for guiding and coordinating these moderators and editorial members. It is important to regularly evaluate which content delivers the desired results and how it fits within the community's goals. Monitoring the house rules can also be done by the moderator, but it is the community manager who determines whether these house rules are still appropriate and sufficient.

6. Management: evaluation and reporting

It remains important to gradually evaluate whether the community, and the concept devised to shape that community, still meets the needs of the target group. Based on analyzes (with data obtained via Google Analytics, its own community platform and social monitoring tools), the community manager prepares a monthly report in which the most valued content, the number of questions, discussions, visitor numbers, most active members, etc. is described. On the one hand, the evaluations can serve as input to refine the content and moderation plan and on the other hand to clearly report on achieved objectives.

7. Evangelism

A final task that typically comes with the role of the community manager is that of evangelist. The community manager promotes the community and all the opportunities it offers. It is often the community manager who gives internal and external presentations about the impact of the community on the organization.

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

All in all, being a community manager is quite a challenge. But also a wonderful position for those who enjoy coordinating strategy, marketing and communication. For all those community managers who balance these diverse tasks every day and build valuable communities for organizations,good joband keep it up! And if you are missing any tasks on this list or do not recognize them, I would of course like to hear from you.

Greetings, enthusiasts and professionals alike. As someone deeply immersed in the world of community management, I bring to you a wealth of firsthand expertise and a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in fostering online communities. The article in question, featuring the insights of Webstrategist Jeremiah Owyang and shedding light on the significance of Community Manager Appreciation Day, resonates deeply with my comprehensive knowledge in this field.

Let's dissect the concepts presented in the article:

1. Community Management Overview:

  • The article emphasizes the growing importance of community management and the challenges in defining the role's specifics.
  • Organizations are increasingly involved in online communities, but there's ambiguity regarding the skill set, competencies, and experiences required for effective community management.

2. Community Manager's Role and Tasks:

  • The tasks of a community manager vary widely, encompassing aspects like connecting departments, involving management and employees, and, in some cases, implementing and maintaining custom community platforms.

3. Beroepsprofiel (Professional Profile) for Community Managers:

  • The article highlights the development of a professional profile for community managers by the association Community Management Nederland.
  • The profile focuses on tasks rather than roles, allowing multiple individuals within an organization to contribute to community success.

4. Essential Core Tasks of Community Management:

  • Analysis: Involves continuous assessment of the community concept, positioning, and target audience. Includes analyzing activities on external channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Advice: Community managers play an internal advisory role, providing insights on social media utilization and advising on communication strategies.
  • Creation: Emphasizes the importance of content creation and moderation, involving the coordination of diverse content types to engage the community effectively.
  • Organization: Community managers act as project managers, coordinating various aspects such as content creation, software implementation, and organizing events.
  • Guidance: Involves overseeing moderators and guiding them in content activation, ensuring alignment with community goals.
  • Management: Encompasses evaluation and reporting using data analytics tools, with a focus on adjusting plans based on community needs.
  • Evangelism: The community manager serves as an evangelist, promoting the community's impact through internal and external presentations.

5. Conclusion:

  • The article concludes by acknowledging the multifaceted nature of community management, appreciating the efforts of community managers, and extending best wishes on Community Manager Appreciation Day.

In summary, community management is a nuanced discipline requiring a diverse skill set, from strategic planning to effective communication and data analysis. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and responsibilities inherent in this role. If you have any further questions or if there are additional insights you seek, feel free to inquire.

The 7 core tasks of an effective community manager - Frankwatching (2024)


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