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When people ask me what my favorite dessert is, I often cite three:tiramisu, millefeuille and Paris-Brest. Today we are going to focus on tiramisu since I am sharing with you my favorite recipe, the one that I prefer and that I make all the time.

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My ultimate tiramisu recipe

Above all, we don't joke with tiramisu, so if I tell you that it's my ultimate recipe, I'm not misleading you, it's because it's really my favorite. I never look for another because here the cream is airy like a cloud, fragrant, delicate, that’s everything I love! I soak the cookies with strong coffee mixed with Kahlua, coffee liqueur and it is the perfect complement to the delicious cream.

So yes, certainly tiramisu purists would find fault with this recipe but the main thing for me is to enjoy while respecting the fundamentals of tiramisu and that is absolutely the case with this recipe. I in no way claim to have found the best recipe in the world, I share it with you because it is the bestIn my opinionand I hope it will also delight you in the same way.

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What makes a good tiramisu?

Several points are essential for me to have an excellent tiramisu, I have too often eaten ones that are completely soggy, with liquid foam or even without any finesse. There are therefore fundamentals to respect:

  • one or more layers ofbiscuits boudoir
  • andsoak made from a mixture of strong coffee and alcohol(in this recipe there are 2 layers of biscuits soaked in espresso and Kahlua, coffee liqueur)
  • amascarpone cream as light as a cloud, which holds well but melts in the mouth (we want an ultra delicious and airy cream, even if it is made with lots of very fatty mascarpone)

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Which biscuits in a tiramisu?

Here there are all the variations, before I used spoon biscuits but now I takebiscuits boudoir(no, no, it's not the same thing!) because it gives another texture with more chew and I like that. You will also be able to find some with petit beurre, speculoos, Savoie biscuit and many other things but I prefer to stick to my version. We need chew and a biscuit that isn't all soggy in a good tiramisu, which brings us to soaking.

What to soak the biscuits with for a good tiramisu?

The basis is astrong coffee, I have espresso or I make a strong one with my little Italian coffee maker. Then for the alcohol, marsala, amaretto or Kahlua, it's up to you but my preference is Kahlua because it's acoffee liqueurand we really need this strength to balance the recipe given the richness of the cream.

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Tiramisu, but last recipes! | I Love Cakes (7)

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Tiramisu, but last recipes! | I Love Cakes (9)

The hardest part of tiramisu is the wait

Finally, I see you coming, no, tiramisu is not eaten immediately after you have assembled it. At best you do it in the morning for the evening but personally I always leave it overnight in the fridge to give time for the flavors to develop, for the cream to set well, for the biscuits to soak delicately and soften just enough. 'it's necessary. So be patient and leave this tiramisu in the fridge overnight, you'll thank me later!

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And for another dessert with similar flavors, you can try my recipe forbundt cake coffee cake!


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Tiramisu, but last recipes!

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Boudoir biscuits soaked in a mixture of strong coffee and Kahlua, a coffee liqueur, and a gourmet mousse as light as a cloud, this is the only tiramisu recipe that I make because I find it so good.



  • Twenty boudoir biscuits
  • 40cup of very strong coffee (espresso or Italian coffee maker)
  • 30 gof Kahlua for the cream +60 gto mix with coffee for soaking
  • 500 gmascarpone
  • 200 gsugar (100 gfor the yolks and100 gfor whites)
  • 80 gegg yolks
  • 120 gegg whites
  • unsweetened cocoa powder for decoration


  1. Start by preparing your coffee, let it cool then add the Kahlua. Reserve.
  2. In a large salad bowl, mix your mascarpone with the maryse to soften it a little.
  3. Put the egg yolks in the bowl of your mixer, start whisking at medium speed then add the sugar all at once and whisk until the mixture turns white, takes on volume and is airy. If you remove the whisk, the mixture should flow into the bowl in a ribbon-like pattern. Mix with the mascarpone (using a whisk is easier but don't mix too much otherwise you will make everything fall back) then add the Kahlua.
  4. Wash the whisk and the bowl of your mixer well and put the egg whites in, whisk at low speed until the whisk starts to leave marks.
  5. Meanwhile, quickly dip the biscuits, one by one, into the cold coffee and Kahlua mixture and cover the bottom of your dish.
  6. Once the whisk begins to leave traces in the whites, add the sugar in fine rain while beating at medium speed. Increase the speed a little once you have finished adding the sugar and continue to whisk until a nice meringue forms. It must be supple and airy.
  7. Incorporate this meringue into the mascarpone and yolk mixture then stir gently, lifting the mass with a spatula so as not to break the meringue and maintain a cloud-like texture.
  8. Put a small layer of cream on top of the biscuits, smooth then add a layer of biscuits and finally fill your mold with cream.
  9. I like to pipe the cream on top to have a nice finish but it’s optional.
  10. If you have any mousse left, make small glasses of it, it will always make people happy!
  11. Place in the fridge until the next day to give the flavors time to develop, the tiramisu will be even better.
  12. Dust with cocoa powder just before serving.

Tiramisu, but last recipes! | I Love Cakes (12)

Tiramisu, but last recipes! | I Love Cakes (13)

Tiramisu, but last recipes! | I Love Cakes (14)


  • If you are also making it for children, use decaffeinated coffee and skip the alcohol.
  • Preparation: 45 minutes
  • Category: Desserts
  • Cuisine: Italian pastry

Keywords:tiramisu, coffee, mascarpone, Italian dessert

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  • It is beautiful as all say so!!!


    • Thank you, I like to do a bit of nice poaching on the top, it changes and it looks pretty!


    • The visual is great. For my part, I never manage to find the right dish for the right quantity….
      And if I may say, there is too much sugar for my taste, next time I will divide the quantity of sugar by 2.
      Thank you for this recipe.


      • Thanks for your feedback Paula. Note that the quantity of sugar influences the texture and allows for very airy yolks. And good mold search, once found it will be perfect!


  • Hello, the recipe does not say when to add the 30g of Kahlua to the cream. It looks delicious (I make it the same but without Kahlua) 😉


    • Oh sorry, I'll add it now! Thank you so much for your comment !


  • We have just tasted the tiramisu: total success.
    I'm going to have to abandon my usual recipe to just make this one because the mousse is so light and creamy.
    Small clarification, I replaced the Kahlua (I didn't have any) with amaretto!!!
    Thank you Valérie for the recipe.


    • Thank you a thousand times for your warm feedback which really makes me very happy! You did well with the amaretto, it also works very well. Looking forward to seeing you try other recipes from the blog, have a nice day!


  • A massacre ! Recipe prepared for Father's Day and it was a huge success. The mousse is airy, light (despite the mascarpone), to be made again and again.
    I have been making your recipes for years and they are appreciated every time. Thank you !


    • Oh that makes me so happy, it’s so nice of you to take the time to give me feedback! This tiramisu is really a sure bet, I’m very happy that you liked it 😉 Looking forward to it!


  • bonjour
    I'm going to make this recipe for Saturday evening! Do I have to add sugar to the egg white or can I reduce the quantity by half! If I do Friday afternoon for Saturday evening, isn't that too far away?
    Thank you for your reply
    Yours sincerely


    • Bonjour,
      So no worries about reducing the sugar, but be careful you still need quite a bit in the whites and in the yolks for it to rise otherwise it will completely change the texture of the tiramisu!
      And as for making it in advance, I say a big yes, it will even be better because the flavors will have had time to mix, it will be perfect! Here we rarely have the opportunity to make it last that long but otherwise that’s what I recommend so don’t worry.
      Have a nice day and have a nice treat tomorrow haha

      OUUUUPS I just realized it's Saturday, I'm sorry for only responding now, I was in the hospital since yesterday. I hope you were still able to do it successfully yesterday and that you will enjoy it this evening.



      • Hello, is preparation on Wednesday or Thursday possible for a tasting on Saturday around 6 p.m.?


        • Hello Chloé, so honestly it’s not ideal. It's great to be able to do it the day before so that the cream holds together really well and the flavors mix but more than 48 hours is a bit long, the biscuits will really be all soft and it's good when there's still left a little chewy.
          If you have no choice but to do it this early, what I can advise you is to soak the biscuits less than what you would normally do, like that even if they capture the humidity cream, it won't be mush.
          Do not hesitate if you have other questions ! See you soon on I Love Cakes


  • Hello Valérie, I come to congratulate you on your Tiramisu recipe; This is a recipe, well explained and down to the smallest detail, with which if we follow your advice and use quality ingredients, we can only obtain a Tiramisu, light, full-bodied and subtly flavored. I also thank you for sharing it with us. The staging is also successful. Hat!!


    • What a pleasure to read your comment early in the morning Martine! Thank you very much for this feedback, I always recommend this recipe with my eyes closed and it was time that I made a detailed post so that other gourmets can benefit from it. It’s really a pleasure to share my favorite recipes on the blog and even more so when I see that they are appreciated. Thank you again and have a nice day!


  • I was looking for a classic tiramisu recipe, and I made this one quite by chance. It was a great success, it was airy, light and above all delicious!! This recipe will now remain my basic recipe for tiramisu 🙂


    • Oh thank you Julie, that makes me really happy! When I say this is a really great recipe, I don’t want people to think I’m telling stories haha! By doing it, people generally adopt it! In any case, thank you for your feedback and your rating for this recipe.


  • thank you for this ultimate recipe. There are a lot of very interesting tips and I really like the idea of ​​incorporating a meringue instead of the simple egg whites. I find it hard to do without the flavor of almonds in a tiramisu that you normally have with amaretto. A biscuit that works very well: amaretti, especially when making verrines or tiramisu in individual portions. Thanks for the recipe !


    • With pleasure, tiramisu is really something that I like to eat again and again and it’s true that with amaretto it’s delicious! Have a nice day and thank you for this comment!


  • Hello Valeria. Delicious tiramisu. I just have one question. Did you decorate the top with sleeve? The cream was very rich, but the consistency is not firm enough to have that effect. Did you put gelatin in it?


    • Hello Patty, thank you very much for your comment, that recipe is my favorite!
      I am very happy that you asked that about the cream: there is no gelatin in the cream, I never use gelatin in the cream of my tiramisu 😉 The decoration on the tiramisu is made with the same cream as the tiamisu, there is only one cream. For the cream to hold together, you have to beat the eggs with the sugar since they are very light and have a lot of volume. In the end the cream must be firm enough to make that decoration.
      PS: Sorry, my Spanish is not perfect…


  • Oh, this tiramisu is so pretty! I wouldn't have thought of 1) Kalhua (I use egg marsala: not very regulatory, but good too) and 2) poaching the cream like that, it's super appetizing! I have just discovered your blog, as always delighted to discover new gourmet sisters... and even more so when said sisters are fans of maple syrup! Best wishes !


    • Ooooh yes then, maple syrup is one of my favorite ingredients and I always have some very good one at home, I can't live without it haha! For the tiramisu, I wanted to give it a nice little look and poach the cream, it was simple and effective, glad you like it! Usually I also use marsala but this is a great change, I really like it.
      Looking forward to reading other feedback on my recipes 😉


  • Hello Valérie, This recipe looks so delicious...I plan to make it for New Year's Eve. I never prepare any pastries except crepes. I'm going to make it for 8 people with 2 layers of biscuits. Can you please give me approximately the dimensions of the dish that I should use and the height too. It may seem like a stupid question but I would just like this tiramisu to be as beautiful as yours. Thank you very much.


    • Hello Françoise, so the mold in the photos is 17 cm wide, 22 cm long and 5 cm high so stay roughly within these dimensions. To avoid having any leftover next to the mold I would say 20 cm x 25 cm. And whatever happens, it will be delicious so don’t stress too much about the size of the mold 😉 Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions!


  • Here we go Valérie, I’m getting started!! It's true that I'm stressed. I never bake and I wouldn't want my dish to end on a bad note. However, I have seen tiramisu recipes...dozens of them but it is always yours that I come back to. I don't know...it has this little something that tells me that this is the one I have to make. On the other hand, I'm going to make double your recipe for 8 people. We are all good eaters and There's still some left for the next day, that's a plus! I noticed that the ingredients double (obviously) except the biscuits. Whether I make x2 or x3 the boudoirs remain at 20.?! I suppose it's a mistake and that I have to put around forty. For 16 people, I have 2 types of dishes. one of 27x20x9 and another of 23x20x7. What do you recommend? Thank you, thank you for your response. I hope it will arrive before Friday afternoon and I will be sure to send you feedback whatever the result. I don't want to rush you, I know everyone is busy this time of year. A very happy New Year to you Valérie.


    • Yes, sorry Françoise, it’s the recipe card that doesn’t double certain recipe figures, it’s very annoying… For the mold I would have taken the larger of the two! If you double the recipe, you'll end up with a nice big tiramisu anyway so you'll need a dish worthy of the name to fit it in haha. I'm a little late for my response, you told me about this afternoon, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


      • Yes Valérie, that's what I did, I took the biggest and highest of the 2. I put 3 layers of boudoir. What a delight. I know right away that everyone I'm going to eat is going to seem really below average because it was so good. On the other hand, softening 1kg of mascarpone requires some muscle hahaha. The next dessert will be 1 layer cake .The one with strawberry and rhubarb tempts me terribly. You will have been the one who reconciled me with pastry!! Thanks again for this killer recipe..


        • Haha what a joy to read this message, I'm delighted for the tiramisu!!!


  • THANK YOU for this crazy excellent tip top recipe! I must have made it about ten times. I left a comment on Pinterest but I had to come back here. At home it's based on 1000g of mascarpone... and in one day it's over, it's beyond me, the tiramisu disappears!

    Question have you ever tried without egg yolks? Could we put a little more snow white in place of the yellows?

    I really want to try but afraid of failing, eggs are expensive at the moment



    • Hello, thank you really for this super kind feedback! To answer your question, I have never tried without yolks, it really has a big impact on the texture, it is the foamy base of the recipe so I am not at all sure that it would work without it. Do not hesitate if you have any other questions, have a nice day.


  • Hello, thank you for this recipe!
    Out of curiosity, what changes does incorporating the whites into meringue rather than snow like the other recipes I've seen? That intrigues me haha. Also, what would you recommend for an alcohol-free version? Simply remove it or replace it with something else, for example bitter almond, vanilla, orange blossom flavor
    PS: the idea of ​​poaching the last layer is genius!


    • Hello ! So, as for the meringue, it gives a much more stable mixture, which holds up better when cut and over time. For example, in the restaurant where I work, I serve it in square portions and they have very clear angles, it’s quite pretty. Otherwise, for a non-alcoholic version, I would simply omit the amaretto or replace it with coffee (depending on whether it is also for children or not). If you want to make a different version, yes, orange blossom works well but it’s of course a completely different dessert hehe. Looking forward to it!


  • Hello Valérie and the foodie community,
    Delicious recipe, perfect explanations.
    I prepared it the day before yesterday for Christmas lunch yesterday: big success! Even without poaching, just sprinkling at the last moment, it does it!
    And much better with this Kahlua coffee liqueur than with amaretto. Both finer and more original.
    I recommend this dessert+++.


    • How nice it makes me to read that Fran, really thank you for your comment! This is truly my favorite tiramisu recipe! Very happy holidays to you.


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