What is a community manager? (2024)

In this blog we will tell you everything about the work of a community manager. We answer your questions such as 'what is a community?' and 'what are the responsibilities of a community manager?'. In other words, everything you want to know about the work of a community manager can be found below.

What does a community manager do?

As a community manager you act as the face of the organization. In general, community managers are concerned with managingtwo-way communication. This two-way communication is between an organization and its community. A community manager is therefore responsible for building and managing a brand community. We will delve deeper into what exactly a community is.

The community manager is involved in certain activities such ascommunication, PR, social media management, content creation and organizing events. By responding to a specific target group as a community manager, you can generate more traffic on your website or achieve more conversions.

What is a community?

Think of a community as a target group. Behind every brand there is a community that loves that brand for different reasons.

The type of community depends on the type of organization. For example, think ofAirbnbwhich focuses on holidaymakers. There is a lot of data available about this target group. Where do people go on holiday? On which platforms do these people search for their accommodation? By analyzing this data, the community manager finds out what works and what doesn't in their strategy.

What is the importance of an online community?

Think of an online community as a fan group. As described above, behind every successful company there is a community. The type of community you want to build as a company depends on the goals and perspective of the organization. When the community manager has analyzed the data, he knows exactly on which platform the target group can be reached. To stay in the holidaymaker theme: think of a beautiful Instagram page with aesthetic theme/travel photos of the most beautiful holiday environments.

An online community gives you the space to make connections between your followers. This way they can discuss topics that interest them on the selected platform (think of platform Reddit), commit to the brand and learn together. This then results in a lot of involvement between the brand and its followers and therefore more loyalty.

What are the benefits of a community?

When you, as a community manager, build an online community, there are several benefits for the company. Below we describe a few for you.

  • Stay in touch with your audience.To keep your target group involved in your brand, it is important to stay interesting. When you lose touch with your audience, they are more likely to forget you.
  • Receive free feedback from your followers.Once you have built an online community, it is the perfect opportunity to find out what your audience thinks of your product or service. You can then respond to this feedback and therefore grow based on the needs of your target group.
  • Expanding network. Expanding your network and generating followers takes time, but it is definitely worth it. When your network grows, you as a brand build more reliability and you have a larger audience to which you can respond. Perhaps also multiple target groups.
  • Creating brand ambassadors. If you want to generate more reach, you as a brand can use ambassadors. On social media, these ambassadors are also called influencers. These influencers have a different reach than the brand and, by promoting a product or service, can encourage this audience to use your brand. readhereover influencermarketing.

What are the most common online communities?

There are many different types when it comes to online communities. Which ones will you focus on as a community manager? That depends on the type of brand and its goals. We explain the most common ones for you below.

  • Community of practice:This type of community practices the same profession and therefore finds common ground and discussion material. Think of a group of online marketers discussing a certain topic within their professional field.
  • Community of purpose: within this type of community there is a group of people with the same goal. Consider a charity, such as Greenpeace, that discusses strategies to combat climate change.
  • Community of circ*mstance: the people within this type of community are in the same situation. For example, a group of Dutch backpackers who share their experiences and tips abroad.
  • Community of place: These communities are all in the same geographic location. Consider, for example, those backpackers who are all in the same place in Thailand and share their favorite eateries here.
  • Community of interest: this type of community has a common interest or hobby. An example of this is a group that all loves baking and gives out recipes.
  • Community of action: this community aims to change something in the world. Back to the Greenpeace example, this group is also taking action to pursue these goals.

What makes you a good community manager?

A community manager needs certain qualities to do his or her job well. Let's take a look at that.

The brand BEING

First, it is important that a community manager understands and pursues the goals of the organization. When a community manager posts something on a social media account, this person no longer speaks from himself, but from the organization. Then you ARE the organization.

Communication and empathy

Communicating with the community is the most important task of a community manager. Communication is between members, colleagues and partners. Each of these groups has a different one tone-of-voicenecessary. Your communication style is super important here. Is your message to the point? Is your call to action clear? Does this actually encourage someone to take action? When a new product or service is launched, is it clear what consumers can expect?

When we talk in terms or crisis communication, a lot of empathy is crucial. As a community manager you understand the needs, you can look from different perspectives and you know what concerns there are and how you can solve them.

Solving problems with creativity

When there is a situation where a problem arises, it is the job of the community manager to solve it. If it is a bad review: what needs does this customer have and how can you satisfy them?

As a community manager you think about the reputation of the brand. Are everyone involved satisfied with what we have achieved? As a community manager, you come up with a solution to a conflict. Sometimes this takes a little creativity and a lot of empathetic communication.

The online world does not stand still and is constantly changing. It is therefore possible that your planning lags behind current events and is therefore no longer relevant. When something does not go as planned, as a community manager you are responsible for dealing with this flexibly.

What are the responsibilities of a community manager?

Now that we have completely caught up on which communities there are and which onessoft skills needs a community manager, we will briefly list the responsibilities.

  • Itset up a content calendar. As a community manager, you make a plan for all social media communications that you will send to your community.
  • Collectvantext, images and video. The content you want to share must of course be created. As a community manager, you are responsible for the brand's professional social media channels and what is posted on them.
  • Itrespond and respondopfeedback en reviewsthat you receive from your audience.
  • Organizing and managingof events. These events have the effect of generating more brand awareness.
  • Itcoordinatefrom the marketing, PR and communications department.
  • Conspirewith departments such as development and sales.
  • Aworking on a relationwith customers, partners, professionals and colleagues. This will give you more loyalty to the brand.
  • Be aware of trends. The online marketing world is constantly changing. Consider, for example, new technologies and hits.


Hopefully you are now fully informed about what a community manager does. You will find various on our Sustainablejobs.nl platformvacanciesthat are about sustainability. Please take a look and discover your options.

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As someone deeply involved in community management strategies and practices, I can provide comprehensive insights into the intricacies and significance of this role. In the realm of community management, fostering engagement and relationships is paramount. The article you shared delves into the core aspects of community management:

Community Manager's Role: A community manager serves as the face of an organization, primarily focusing on managing two-way communication between the organization and its community. They are responsible for constructing and maintaining a brand community, engaging in activities like communication, PR, social media management, content creation, and event organization.

Understanding a Community: A community represents a target audience associated with a brand for various reasons. Analyzing data about this community aids in strategizing effective approaches. For instance, understanding vacationers' preferences helps platforms like Airbnb tailor their strategies accordingly.

Significance of Online Communities: Online communities function as fan groups, allowing connections and discussions among followers. This engagement fosters brand loyalty and more significant involvement between the brand and its audience.

Benefits of Building Communities: Establishing online communities offers several advantages, including staying connected with the audience, receiving valuable feedback, expanding networks, and creating brand ambassadors or influencers.

Types of Online Communities: The article categorizes communities into various types based on shared professions, purposes, circ*mstances, locations, interests, or actions, each with its unique characteristics and interactions.

Qualities of a Good Community Manager: A successful community manager embodies the brand's goals, excels in communication with different groups, resolves issues creatively, adapts to evolving situations, and comprehends trends in the online space.

Responsibilities of a Community Manager: These encompass devising content calendars, curating multimedia content, engaging with feedback, organizing events, coordinating with various departments, nurturing relationships, and staying updated on industry trends.

Conclusion: Ultimately, the article offers a comprehensive understanding of the duties, challenges, and significance of community management, aiming to enlighten readers about the intricacies of this profession.

If you have any specific queries or desire further insights into particular aspects of community management, feel free to ask!

What is a community manager? (2024)


What is a community manager? ›

A community manager acts as the liaison between an organization and its audience. They act as the voice, tone, and moderator of the brand through community support, content distribution, and digital engagement to build brand presence and trust, both online and in-person.

What does a community manager do? ›

A community manager is a marketing professional responsible for the management and development of a company's online community. They are responsible for building, growing and managing the company's community online and engaging with customers and fans through social media and live events.

Why should we hire you as a community manager? ›

Sample Answer: I am passionate about community management and have developed a strong understanding of the position through my work experience. I have used my skills to develop online communities and increase their membership.

What makes a successful community manager? ›

A community manager requires strong interpersonal skills to engage effectively with the community. Communication, empathy, the ability to cater to diverse needs, and adept conflict resolution are crucial.

What is the value of a community manager? ›

Community managers are here to ensure members find value in the community—whether that's through networking, knowledge sharing, or something else—in a safe and engaging environment. These goals are key to ongoing and sustainable community growth.

What does being a community manager mean to you? ›

A community manager is the caretaker of a brand's online presence, the “digital custodian,” if you will. Community managers are responsible for curating and nurturing communities around a brand, product, or cause. They're the party hosts with the most, there to strategically make sure everyone's having a good time.

What is a community manager also known as? ›

Also known as: Brand manager, Content marketing manager, Customer relations manager, Social media coordinator, Social media manager.

How do you answer why I would be a good manager? ›

How to answer, "Why do you want to be a manager?"
  1. Highlight benefits to the company. When answering this question, identify a value you would bring to the company as a manager. ...
  2. Provide examples. ...
  3. Discuss management styles. ...
  4. Display empathy for colleagues. ...
  5. Demonstrate interest in company processes.
Oct 17, 2023

What is the role of a community manager in an interview? ›

Community managers are responsible for monitoring social networking sites and company websites to help enhance user experience. This question helps interviewers determine a candidate's relevant qualifications and communication skills. A candidate's answer should emphasize: Timely communication.

How do I answer why should we hire you? ›

“I should be hired for this role because of my relevant skills, experience, and passion for the industry. I've researched the company and can add value to its growth. My positive attitude, work ethics, and long-term goals align with the job requirements, making me a committed and valuable asset to the company.”

What are the 3 most important factors for community success? ›

1) Participation, 2) Relationships, and 3) Empathy.

Is community manager a stressful job? ›

Community Managers often navigate the dynamic intersection of brand advocacy and customer engagement, which can be both rewarding and demanding. Balancing the needs of a diverse online community requires constant attention and swift conflict resolution, potentially leading to stress.

What are the most important aspects of community management? ›

Maximizing the impact of community management
  • Social media monitoring. ...
  • Sentiment analysis. ...
  • Social customer support. ...
  • Market research. ...
  • Influencer identification and brand ambassadorship. ...
  • Brand reputation and crisis management. ...
  • A link between companies and their stakeholders.
Jan 22, 2024

What is the average salary for a community manager in the US? ›

Community Manager Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$80,000$38
75th Percentile$67,000$32
25th Percentile$47,000$23

What are the requirements for a community manager? ›

Community Manager Prerequisites

Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications or a related field. One to three years of marketing-related work experience. Community manager courses and certifications (not necessary, but can boost skill set and increase job opportunities).

What is the career path of a community manager? ›

For a Community Manager, career progression often involves advancing through roles like Associate Community Manager, Community Manager, Director of Community, VP of Community, and Chief Community Officer.

What are the qualifications of a community manager? ›

How to become a community manager
  • Education. A bachelor's degree is the most common educational background among community managers, though not all have academic training. ...
  • Skills. ...
  • Experience. ...
  • Certifications. ...
  • Community monitoring, moderating and engagement. ...
  • Content creator. ...
  • Customer service representative. ...
  • Social listener.
Jan 19, 2024

Is a community manager the same as a landlord? ›

Property managers collect monthly rent from tenants, while community managers collect association membership fees, dues, and special assessments. Both managers are then responsible for depositing the payments in their client's account and following up with delinquent residents who have not paid.


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