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You can easily transform a wrap into delicious wrap snacks! In this wraps recipe I give you four variations for easy wrap snacks that are always a success with drinks. The handy thing about these snacks is that you can prepare them very well, so that you don't have to do much work during the drinks.

You can of course vary the investment suggestions in this article to your heart's content. For example, use other meats, a (homemade) tapenade or other types of lettuce to make your ultimate wrap snacks!

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Make wrap snacks

Before you place a wrap, place two strips of plastic wrap on the work surface and ensure that they overlap slightly. Place the wrap on top, top it with a filling of your choice and roll up the wrap. Use the plastic wrap to wrap the rolled wrap tightly and tighten the wrap on both sides, like a toffee. This way the wrap is rolled up tightly and you can later cut nice slices from the wrap rolls.

Can I prepare the wrap snacks in advance?

Wrap snacks can be prepared well in advance. But how long can you keep filled wraps in the refrigerator? Preferably you make the wraps a few hours to a day in advance, but you can keep them in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

If you prepare the wrap snacks earlier, it is best to place the filled and rolled wraps in the refrigerator until you want to serve the snacks. Just before serving, remove the plastic wrap and cut the wrap rolls into diagonal slices with a sharp knife. This way the snacks remain the tastiest.

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Wraps snacks with carpaccio

Spread a wrap with a thin layer of truffle mayonnaise. Divide the carpaccio over this and sprinkle with some grated Parmesan cheese and some roasted pine nuts. Finally, spread some arugula over the wrap and roll it up. Also tasty: use ham for these wrap rolls instead of the carpaccio.

Wraps snacks with salmon

You can use a ready-made herb cream cheese for this version, but it is even tastier to make it yourself. To do this, mix 200 grams of cream cheese with 4-5 tablespoons of chopped fresh chives, 2-3 tablespoons of chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley and 1-2 tablespoons of chopped fresh dill. Season the cream cheese with salt & pepper. Spread a wrap with the herb cream cheese, divide some slices of smoked salmon over it and roll up the wrap. If desired, you can also add some capers to the wrap roll.

Wraps snacks with chicken

Spread a wrap withhomemade red pestoand then divide slices of smoked chicken fillet over it. Finally, place some arugula on the wrap and then roll it up.

Wraps snacks vegetarian

Homemade cream cheese is also the best for this version. To do this, mix 200 grams of cream cheese with 4-5 tablespoons of chopped fresh chives and 2-3 tablespoons of chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley. Season the herb cream cheese with salt & pepper. Spread a wrap with the cream cheese, divide some fresh spinach leaves over it and sprinkle with roasted pine nuts. Then roll up the wrap.

Photos: Erik Spronk

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Comments (6)

Claudia2020-12-19 09:55:06

Hi Rutger, thanks for your beautiful recipes! I'm looking for a recipe to bake the wraps myself (also from a waste-free point of view, those things are always in plastic). I have tried it a few times, but they remain too thick for me (more like a naan) and therefore cannot be rolled well. Maybe you have a tip?

To answer


Rutger2020-12-20 08:51:27

That recipe is still on my development/baking list :) I'm still fine-tuning it.

To answer

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Riny fisherman2020-12-20 13:21:02

Oh great...would love to make them too. Must eat gluten-free, so extra difficult. But I can use gluten free flour. So your recipe can be made well.
Good luck in the Christmas rush and thanks for all those delicious recipes.

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Mieke2021-12-06 17:11:21

Bake an omelette instead of wraps...let it cool and follow the recipe...and it is gluten-free🙂

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Dine2022-10-25 21:38:07

Make wraps of
100 g tapiocameel
200 g chickpea flour
350 ml water
salt and pepper

Works perfectly and delicious

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Trisha2022-07-19 10:47:31

Gadverdamme, it has nothing to do with wraps, that's why they invented corn wraps and when it comes to gluten-free, they use them too!

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Lia2020-12-19 16:10:12

Shouldn't I first heat the wraps in the microwave, for example?

To answer


Rutger2020-12-20 08:43:46

That is not necessary for these snacks.

To answer

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Marcel2021-01-17 14:52:49

You should also sprinkle the wraps with water and then rinse for 15 seconds. Microwave?

To answer


Rutger2021-01-18 08:59:22

That is not necessary for these wraps and snacks.

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Wraps snacks recipe | Rutgerbakt.nl (7)

Michael2021-09-13 15:18:22

I want to make wraps for the first time tomorrow, which is easy to prepare for the first time. Thanks for any answer

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S2021-12-24 07:34:38

Wrap cream cheese over it, chicken fillet slices over it and arugula lettuce and roll it up

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Rutger2021-09-20 08:00:45

Do you mean the snacks or the wraps themselves?

To answer

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Patricia2022-02-07 00:49:28

Wonderful tips! I use low-carb wraps for this, to lose weight. And still enjoy it very much!

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Brian Jacobs2022-06-26 14:15:54

Where do you buy these, I can't find them anywhere

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Jolanda Harks2022-04-06 17:45:44

Hello, could you please send me the recipe, Jolanda Harks

To answer


Anneke2022-11-17 12:58:36

If you make the wrap the day before, it will be soggy the next day

To answer


Wraps snacks recipe | Rutgerbakt.nl (9)

Wraps snacks recipe | Rutgerbakt.nl (2024)


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